September 8 - November 24

All classes meet on Sunday mornings from 10:00-10:50.

Classes for Adults

Worship Center Class, Auditorium

The study topic is The Vitality of Living Hope, led by Dan Hefner. Students will gaze through the eyes of the Apostle Peter, upon our Living Hope, Jesus Christ. Peter writes in this first epistle of the vitality of the inheritance we possess as we walk in the hope and grade God has provided in Christ.

Family Ministries Class, Room 208B/209B

The class is led by our Pastor of Family Ministries, Hal Nottingham. The lessons will be taken from the book of Proverbs. Proverbs records advice from fathers to sons, but mothers and daughters can find them helpful, too. So, this will be a class for both fathers and mothers - and whoever else would like to come!

One Quarter Only, Room 210B

Marv Robertson will examine the little book of James. James is not very long, but it is practical and powerful. Some portions have even caused theologians to scratch their heads. Marv invites you to come check up on the condition of your condition!

Continuing to Grow, Room 303

Following Jesus: a Men's Class, led by Pastor Shayne Looper. This is a class for men who want to enter into a daily life with God in his kingdom. There will be "homework" in this class.

College and Career, Room 313B

The class is currently finishing a study of the epistle of Philippians, followed by a study of another book of the Bible yet to be determined but probably from the Old Testament. Participants read through the Biblical text and consider a series of discussion questions led by Don Baad. All college and career age young adults are welcome and it's okay if you can't make it every week. Come whenever you can.

Classes for Teens

Teens meet at the Youth Barn, a short walking distance north east of the church.

Junior High (6th - 8th grade) are going through the "Talk Sheets" curriculum - discussions about various aspects of our faith. Teacher is Jane Ford.

Senior High (9th - 12th grade) will be studying Genesis. Teacher is our Youth Pastor Kevin Looper.

Classes for Children

Children are invited on an adventure through the pages of Scripture with LifeWay's The Gospel Project curriculum. On this journey they will explore how each story points toward a bigger story, the story of God's redemption of mankind. All the children are together to hear an exciting Bible lesson, then will break into smaller groups for more age appropriate learning and activities. We hope that your child/children will join us on Sunday mornings!

Pre-K (3 & 4 year olds): Taught by Andrea Mullins, Room 308. Parents will be offered a pager, If the parents will be attending second service also, they may leave their child in the classroom until noon. The teacher will change at 11:00, but the child will not have to separate twice from parents in this way.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade Large Group Bible Lesson: Taught by Kate Esterline, Room 201.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Small Group: Taught by Rachel Kunkel, Room 201.

3rd - 5th Grade Small Group: Taught by Wanda DeBolt, Room 201.