sunday school

Fall Quarter (September-November)

Classes for Adults

Covenant Partnership Class--Would you like to know more about Lockwood Community Church? Have you considered becoming more than just an attender? Pastor Shayne leads a Covenant Partnership class. Participants will learn about what Lockwood believes and how the church functions. Attendance will prepare you for Covenant Partnership, but it is not mandatory. You’re welcome to come explore. 

Location: Shayne and Karen’s home next door

Worship Center Class--Dan Hefner is calling this fall’s study “Faith That Pleases God and Refreshes You.” Dan says, “Hebrews 11:1 defines faith then goes on to say ‘without faith it is impossible to please God.’ Jude tells us to build ourselves up in faith but how does this happen? In Hebrews 11:27 we read that Moses endured because he ‘saw’ him who is invisible. He pleased God by faith and was refreshed by that same faith. One faith with two marvelous results. Let’s explore.” 

Location: Auditorium

Family Ministries Class--The class, which is led by our Pastor of Family Ministries, Hal Nottingham, is continuing to use the Gospel Project material to take students through the storyline of Scripture. This fall the material will be starting its three-year cycle through the Scriptures with the study of Genesis. Although it’s possible to start at any point within the cycle, what better place to start than at the beginning! The subject matter is coordinated with the materials used in the children’s department so Sunday School can be a whole family experience. 

Location: Room 208B/209B

One Quarter Only--This quarter Bob DeBolt will lead a study on God’s Incomparable Gospel. As the class considers God’s redeeming love, the study will address the authority, history, truths, and power that can transform us into children of God. Come and be built up so you can become the child of God He designed and desires us to be. 

Location: Room 210B

Women’s Class--Callie Budd and Ann Brewer will be sharing lessons from “Twelve Women of the Bible.” The video-based Bible study will look at the triumphs and failures of Mary Magdalene, Rebekah, Hannah and nine other women. The study will help you gain new insights and be challenged, encouraged and empowered to face trials in your own life by drawing nearer to God. 

Location: Room 303

College and Career--The class is studying the book of Genesis. Participants read through the Biblical text and consider a series of discussion questions led by Don Baad. All college and career age young adults are welcome and it’s OK if you can’t make it every week. Come whenever you can. Coffee is provided. 

Location: Room 313B

Classes for Teens

Our Youth Pastor Kevin Looper is teaching Jr & Sr High Students in the book of Genesis.

Location: Youth Barn