Where did our Shoeboxes Go?

This year our 525 shoeboxes were delivered to 7 countries:

  • Guatemala – in Central America

  • The Dominican Republic – It occupies the eastern side of Hispaniola, the island it shares with Haiti.

  • Trinidad & Tobago – multi island country in the West Indies, close to South America.

  • Peru - western coast of South America

  • Liberia – western Africa

  • Namibia – southern Africa

  • Mozambique – southeastern Africa

2,507 shoeboxes have been sent from Lcc to kids around the world!

We pray that God will soften the hearts of the 2,507 children who have received our shoebox gifts over the past few years and that their hearts will be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as they hear the “Good News” that God has provided the way for them to be freed from the penalty of sin.  We pray that families and entire communities would be transformed as God’s love is shared through our simple shoebox gifts.  Is there anything more important than sharing the hope of Christ?